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Aimee Echo

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Aimee Echo of theSTART of course.

this is my first mood theme and i hope you all like it.

all i ask is that you please credit me!
instructions and mood under the cut...


To activate the theme just follow these instructions..

~go here (open in a new window and do not close) and type in "moodtheme_create aimee echo" and click "execute"
~there will be a 6 digit number in green, that number is very important because it will be the id number of your mood. so write it down so you wont forget.
~open notepad or something of that sort and take this code , you see where how it says "moodtheme_setpic 123952" you are going to need to change ever "123952" to the green number you wrote down from the second step.
~if you are using notepad you can click Edit -> Replace in the "find what" box put in "123952" and in the "replace with" box type the green number you wrote down.
~once that is done, go back to where you got the green number and paste the entire code in that box and click "execute"
~once that is done go here and you can edit the theme, rename it, whatever you want, then click "use" and your new Aimee Echo mood theme should be activated!


~you will need to upload this file and then upload each image individualy on your own host..ie.photobucket. (let me know when the download expires and i will reupload it.)
~basically all your doing is manually typing up the mood and music, you will not be using the mood and music boxes provided.
~when you go to update your journal on the very top you will simply use this code
~so it will look like this..

[mood| Image hosted by Photobucket.com thirsty]
[music| Pink Floyd-Paintbox ]

~then press enter 6 times and type up your entry.

thanks goes to crackified and mood_mania for their tutorials

x-posted, and i appologize to those of you who will see this like 5 times..

and the BIGGEST thanks goes to brokenwords for ALL OF THE LOVELY PICTURES!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
for all your dresden doll icon making needs


Image hosted by Photobucket.com
for all your theSTART icon making needs, i just created this community..i dont have anything set up yet, but please join, i should have everything ready to go in a week or so, the first contest will start when we have 20 members.

i think that is all..if there are any questions feel free to ask me, i hope you all enjoy and again, please credit me for this..it took me alot of time and effort.
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